Parenthood Doula

Hey, Mama:

Motherhood comes naturally. Sleep train your baby. Buy some essential oils. Sleep. Get a massage. Workout. Take a course. Read parenting books.

Scrap all of that, instead Say Yes to Yourself!

You don’t need to do it all. You just need help figuring out what to do next.




You are now a mother!

That’s no small feat, even if you got here by accident, or this is your second time, hehe.

You are delighted by the sight of your baby; you are good at figuring out what needs to get done, and you have totally googled your way through pregnancy.

Now, you hit a wall, you are no longer sure who you are, what you want, and especially how do you do it all with everything else that is going on: the business, the travels, the body changes, the relationships…

You are in the right place, let’s untangle this together.

(We just met, but I can tell this hit spot on)

Let’s simplify motherhood and give you the mental clarity you need.

Let’s face it, becoming a mother is lonely! Starting a small business was lonely, becoming an immigrant was lonely, but you reached out and found a shoulder to lean on each time.

I’m that shoulder NOW!

I’ll be like the sister you want and the elder you need.

There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes or goals setting here. Together, we focus on simplifying parenthood, matrescence knowledge, inner discovery, partnership – aka asking for help and accountability to ourselves.

Phone and Virtual

Sleep Support

We will dive into sleep hygiene and normalize human sleep behaviour so that you can understand your unique baby better.

Attachment focused, evidence based and responsive support.

Virtual and In Person

Postpartum Care

I take care of you so you can focus on building a bond with your baby.

Traditional and ritual support for faster healing, greater confidence, and a better chance of success with breastfeeding.

1:1, Circles, Workshops, Courses


Becoming a mother is a rite of passage.

To dive into the heart of this journey, is to open a new chapter in your life. I offer mothers a safe space while providing guidance through this transformation.

Not sure if we are a good fit (or if it’s the right time)? I can help you figure it out!

“Become a mom!”, they said.
“It’s the best thing ever!”, they said.


Don’t get me wrong, there are some wonderful things about becoming a mom. But having no community or support is not one of them.

Enter your
  • Tender warrior
  • Needs guardian
  • Personal permission slip to say NO to stuff, including motherhood on autopilot
  • The friend you need to hold your hand when it gets rough and when it gets easy

Or, you can just call me Viktoria!

A mother myself, I am on a mission to normalize motherhood through colorful support that transcends borders.

I have been tasked to champion mothers, grounding them with strong roots while uplifting their spirits so they can in turn share this knowledge with others.

A modern village in the making.

I am here to mother(verb) the mother(noun).

You can succeed at motherhood.

Don’t let the online self-doubt machine convince you otherwise.

You wouldn’t have become a mom if you did not know already you had it in you. And now it’s hard, not because you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s because you quite literally can’t do it alone.

So, let’s walk that path together.

Build your Village

I started collecting postpartum resources, from blogs, to podcasts, to books, supporting new parents with breastfeeding, sleep concerns, mental health, and much more. 

And I want to share it with you!

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