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Your Parenthood Doula Here!


Welcome dear friend!

Let me embrace you!

I want you to know that even if right now you are feeling a bit lost and not knowing where to go next…you are not alone.

So many of us (myself included) have spent years dreaming up the perfect postpartum experience, and role-playing our lives as new mothers in society.

Yet, when reality hit, we’ve found ourselves feeling pissed off, frustrated and lost because, well, things turned out to be a little different. Our body permanently transformed, our relationships going out of whack, our boundaries being ignored, oh and of course the insane amount of contradictory information floating around that our ancestors did not have to deal with.

As high achieving mamas, we continue to resist asking for help because we don’t want anyone to judge us for struggling, for not knowing. No fault of our own, we have been wired to be strong, powerful, can-do-all women to the detriment of our own well-being.

Does this sound familiar?

We have learned that asking for help and caring for ourselves means we are weak, selfish and burdensome to society.

Then comes a baby and the priority shifts to this tiny human, above all else, and we go on to continue this trend that others come first, and somehow we don’t matter.

So, let’s put an end to all of that, mama!

I'm Viktoria!

I provide entrepreneur and immigrant moms a safe space so you can put yourself first, embrace your transformation, question the mainstream parenting advice and solve sleep challenges through connection, safety, and compassion.

A modern and accessible approach to parenthood, that mixes traditional approaches with the realities of today. I’ll hand over the facts & tools on what you need to know, all while transforming the way you think about the postpartum experience while keeping you sane along the way.

Here’s why you can trust me:

  • Baby and Toddler Sleep Training, under the guidance of Dr. Jackie Kamrowski from the Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting.
  • Postpartum Doula Training by Maternité Sacrée, created by Camille Laperle, an established postpartum doula and ritualist, training hundreds of doulas from around the world.
  • Matrescence Training and Apprenticeship with Jessie Harold, matrescence coach, author and guide to mothers from across the world.
  • Breastfeeding Volunteer Support with Nourri-Source Montreal
  • First Aid & CPR Training

Fast Forward…

I came to Canada in the late 90s, studied my butt off, competed in sports and built a successful career in the nonprofit sector. As a first-generation immigrant, I spent years trying to prove my worth to my parents, and society so, like many others, I had hidden away my needs deep down somewhere not to be seen or heard.

All else came first!

I had dreamed of becoming a mother for as long as I can remember, even beyond my teenage years. I loved caring for others, I was even called the group “Mom” in many circles growing up. Hating this title while dreaming to become one – The paradox!

So, when finally, it happened, this whole mom gig, it hit me that I wanted to help other families prioritize their well-being first.

I am the kind of friend you really want in your modern village when you’ve just had a baby – one that helps you grow from a depleted mother into one that is honoring and advocating for her needs, that is seen, heard, and held.
Your Parenthood Doula

I am with you every step of the way

Discover how I work.

The Starting Point

Book a Discovery Call and let’s find out if we are a good fit! OR If you are looking for a more hands-off approach, browse my workshops, courses and phone support offerings.

The Process

I am not interested in one size fits all support that continually misses the mark. So, we start with an intake form to learn about your lifestyle and your needs to paint your journey in the becoming.

Hands on Support

I am ecstatic about helping families ask questions and get answers about their postpartum experience!

Some fun facts


I love cooking

Well, specifically baking, it’s a hobby that I crave and love sharing with others as food is a beautiful language that connects humans on a deeper level.

limitless patience

Taurus = Patience

This means I can sit for hours until I finish a book in one go or stare at a 1000-piece puzzle while forgetting to drink my hot tea, which at the end becomes “iced tea”.

My Values

Values I live by every day:

Integrity - Compassion - Question everything - Failure is okay! - Practice! Practice! Practice!

Our Evening Routine

T.E.A.M. Ritual

Every evening with my husband, while hugging, we spend 10 minutes doing the following: teach each other one thing we learned, share something unpleasant the other has done during the day and show our appreciation for one another. (TEAM =Touch, Educate, Appreciate and Metrics).

Think I can help you? Let’s chat!

Let’s uncomplicate sleep and postpartum, while finding confidence and joy in the transition into motherhood.

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