Parenthood Doula

Motherhood Redefined

A virtual group program for mothers 0-3 years postpartum

This eight-week virtual program is open to all moms (not just first time moms) in the first 3 years postpartum, who are looking for support in their motherhood experience.

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Does this resonate with you?

The notion that I must be with my baby permanently, alone and sacrifice my needs had got firmly under my skin.

Let's redefine motherhood together.

Motherhood is a profound transformation that is physical, emotional, social, economic and existential – that a mother experiences. This is also called matrescence.

In this program, through the lens of matrescence, we’ll:  

  • Explore this rite of passage that is matrescence – who you are now that you are a mother. 
  • Dive into the inner self: the past, the present and the future.
  • Reflect on your own postpartum expectations and that of society.
  • Find ways to love and most of all embrace your new body.
  • Divest from toxic productivity and determine how you can reduce the mental load.
  • Discover ways to advocate for your needs because they matter.
  • Shift your perspectives on the “perfect/pure/lovable/…mother – it is a myth.

This program is for you if:

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