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Embrace the Metamorphosis


Matrescence, is the becoming of a mother.

It’s imperfect, it’s vulnerable, and it’s definitely not a competition. They are no goals or outcomes to reach. No timelines and no blueprint to follow.

It’s all about you.

Programs & Workshops


Your needs matter

So, pee when you want to pee!

It is the first-time in history, mothers do not know what is best due to information overload coming from the internet, and social media. We no longer trust our instincts as all paths seems to be wrong and the knowledge on how to raise our children has left the community.

Let’s break away from this, and reaffirm your inner knowing, to show you and those around you that you are the expert of your life and family.

Welcome Mama,

Everyone needs a hand to hold when going through a rite of passage.

And I am here for you.

In our time together, you will go through several small experiments, let’s call them baby steps, slowly reaching a place of comfort with this new you. We will focus both on the being and the doing so you can live with greater intention, nourishment, integrity, and self-love.

We will pave the way to a confident and nurtured self.

You’ll reveal what is hiding inside you, disentangle yourself from expectations and toxic productivity while allowing you to thrive as you have till now.

You’ll discover a reliable, realistic system that works for you to proactively tend to your energy, create and maintain boundaries, stay in touch with your larger, and take actions that are linked into your values, needs, and desires.

There’s no right way or wrong way. There’s your way.

Planting seeds

You can absolutely take care of yourself and transform on your own.

However, rites of passage should be witnessed, and accompanied by care, respect and compassion.

Your task will be to take responsibility for your role as a mother and human in this society and to bloom into the most full, beautiful, powerful, and grounded version of yourself possible.

And then, share this knowledge with other mothers!

Do you need a pep talk? Or do you just want to vet?

I gotchu!

One-on-One sessions

If all of this speaks to you, mama, I’d love to connect and discover if we’re meant to walk alongside hand in hand in this journey.

Wild Mother


  • 2×90-min sessions per month to get you moving through matrescence with grace
  • These sessions include journal prompts
  • Topics we can cover: boundaries, grief, body image, career changes, etc.
  • Business coaching and work integration questions
  • Immigration support and encouragement
  • Personalized resources and guides

Book Your 1:1

Leave your details and I will call you back to book a discovery call, to make sure we are a good fit!



Different formats

  • Matrescence introduction
  • Grief tending
  • Witnessing ceremony
  • Boundaries setting
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