Parenthood Doula

First thing first...

I'm not a coach

I’m a doula, specifically a postpartum doula

postpartum doula: [noun] a professional that provides emotional, practical and information based support right after childbirth to ensure the most enjoyable postpartum experience possible.

You’ve got enough people telling you what you should do. My job isn’t to add items to your list; it’s to help you figure out what matters and how to tend to your needs: body and mind.

If you want a quick fix, I’m not the right fit for you. But if you want someone who’s willing to invest energy into you and provide you a path where you can be your high performing self while achieving parenting greatness! 

Let’s join hands!

What I have to offer is raw and real


Instagram, TikTok, and whatever app or blog that pops up next will become obsolete one day. But passed on wisdom and gentle care, is timeless.
You don’t need to spend another second in uncertainty. You already have everything you need to be ready to move inward. You are enough. And you definitely don’t have to go at it alone.

This means you’re not doing anything wrong.


It also means there’s a lot to figure out. But when you’re not in it alone anymore, figuring it out becomes way easier.


Postpartum Support

You are pregnant and anxiously waiting for baby, thinking about what is to come, already feeling overwhelmed.

Let me help you prepare for the first 12 months postpartum and care for you in the first 6 weeks. Just because you CAN do it all, doesn’t mean you SHOULD!

Baby & Toddler sleep support is also available!

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Motherhood Support

For mamas 4 years and less into postpartum, looking to figure out who they are now that they are a mother.

You are not someone that needs fixing, you just need some practice to help name what needs to be named, heal what needs to be healed, grief what can no longer be. 

Programs, workshops and one-on-one sessions.

Your days of tackling motherhood alone are done


Great question! I’m going to be totally honest with you, there are a lot of postpartum doulas out there. However, few focus on entrepreneurs and immigrants, like me! Why this is my focus? Because 1) I am an avid traveler, lived in Spain, and 2) as an entrepreneur mama and having worked in this field for many years, it strikes home!

All postpartum care falls under matrescence work, it is personal, it’s deep and complicated as you are.

In all my services, I focus on giving you and your family the skills to figure out matters and what works for you, so you feel knowledgeable to create your own systems. Not just right now, in this very moment, but going forward for the rest of your life.

If you want to see if we are a good fit, BOOK A CALL today!

I’m sure you can, we all can. However, going through a rite of passage on your own, is not meant to be. I’m here to give you permission to try another way, to build your modern village. I know it’s scary to ask (and pay) for help. But I promise this isn’t a forever-investment; it’s one that will set you up for success so you can then return this gift to others.

The last thing I would want is for you to go into debt to work with me. Financial well-being is core to parenting success. If this is not an investment you can afford right now, CHECK OUT MY FREEBIES and SCHOLARSHIPS!

Done figuring it out on your own?

I speak English, French, Russian and some Spanish

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